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Re: midimate again, cc values

The PMC-10 appears to be a rare beast, at the least the image of it.  There is one on eBay not, which looks mint but is missing a remote controll. I can see why you don't have the picture on the LD page. I found only one: http://fr.guitarplug.com/img/produits/normal/3/7/37247.jpg
What do you know of the German made Nobels MIDI controllers? They look interesting. I like how they have a tilt to them.  The manual for each talks about a "Funny Note" Mode. I'm not sure if this would work for controlling the EDP. See excerpts below.


This little feature may not be used for professional use. But if you like it...
14.1 Connect any MIDI keyboard or sound module to the MIDI out jack (5).
14.2 While switching the unit on hold the "8" footswitch (2).
14.3 Each step on the footswitches sends out a MIDI note on the selected MIDI transmit
channel. Only one note can be sent out at a time. Possible notes are: .C ... B.. The
MIDI volume is always set to .64.. (See MIDI implemention chart)
14.5 The MODE switch (4) switches between 2 different octaves.
After power down the MF-1 is set back to the BANK or DIRECT mode


The (just for fun) built in function of the FUNNY NOTE MODE in our previous model MF-1 was really
a success! Thanks to all! Therefore we have it in the MF-2 too! The FUNNY NOTE MODE enables you
to sends 12 MIDI notes (C~Bb; 10 octaves) to a connected keyboard.
.2 Switch the MF-2 off.
.3 While switching the MF-2 on hold footswitch "8".
Select the OUTPUTS (Values: 1..16)
.4 The DISPLAY shows:
.5 Enter the requested OUTPUT with the footswitches 0..9, UP, DOWN.
.6 Press the ENTER key.
Choose an OCTAVE (Values: 0..9)
.7 The DISPLAY shows: (Octave 5)
.8 Select the requested OCTAVE with the SELECT and ENTER key.
Use the footswitches 0..9, UP/DOWN to send MIDI NOTES on the selected octave.
You can set the octave with the SELECT and STORE key!
Have fun!
.9 Switch the MF-2 off to finish the FUNNY NOTE MODE.


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> At 10:58 PM 12/30/2005, Kris Hartung wrote:
> >This MIDI controller thing for looping units is madness. I've been waiting
> >in the background for someone to find the jackpot, so I too can leave that
> >big ol' Behringer home.
> Let's hear it
> Once again
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