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Re: Zoom G2 & mail in digest format?

At 01:47 AM 12/30/2005, nick@12testing.net wrote:
>What determines the number of digests that are sent out? On other
>lists digest means "daily digest" but here I get 2 a day, 3
>sometimes. Is there an option I can select to receive one per day?

List traffic determines it. Once the digest reaches a certain size, it 
sent. If there are a lot of posts that day, there may be several digests 

>Here's another plug for the Zoom G2 - I sent Kim a review of it
>several months ago but it's not appeared on the "tools of the trade"
>page yet, so here it is.

sorry, I'm kinda behind on site updates.

>Zoom G2
>The latest in a series of guitar pedals, this one finally seems to
>have all a looper could reasonably require.

given recent discussions, this statement seems unlikely.

>Firstly, you get 5
>seconds worth of ping pong, tape echo or delay, each of which can be
>frozen using a non-latching footswitch.

for example, 5 seconds is much less than most loopers require.

>The delay can be set in
>seconds, or by using a tap time button.

can you tap the start and end times of the loop directly? or is it only 

>You can also set feedback and
>mix in real time by going into edit mode whilst playing.

good that they covered that.


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