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Re: VG-88 and Roland GR-33 dissapearing rumors

Once I was in the market for a Godin Multiac-SA, with the idea of
using it for both amplified acoustic guitar and synth sounds.  I went
to the local Godin dealer, and they had no acoustic guitar amps and no
Roland synths.  I was somewhat flabbergasted, and asked them how they
proposed to sell them, and they said they sold plenty as it was.


On 12/24/05, hazard factor <artists@hazardfactor.com> wrote:
> Ah, so there isn't a combo guitar synth/VG system? That would rock!
> I use a GI-10 triggering a Roland XV5050, which is a pretty amazing 
>synth. I
> always had seen GR30s/33s in some Guitar Centers/Sam Ashes and they were
> always 'mostly' connected to a bad GR Strat, with headphones that were
> broken. Anytime I looked at one, the salesdude (and that's what he was)
> would come by and say 'isn't that cool' and walk away. These things have 
> be set up per player, and I got no help even if I asked. It is hard for
> Roland to sell technology to guitarists because they can't even keep the
> display models working- the Strat had 2 knobs *broken* off. I tried to 
> it, and it was set to a piano sound, It sounded like a cat ran across the
> piano, really- it wasn't set up at all for my playing style.
> Smaller stored never even order this kind of stuff, since it takes time 
> learn to use it, much less try to sell it to a conservative *ahem* blues
> lawyer clientele. Our only hope is to order it and decide within the 30 
> guarantee.
> I was supposed to do a Brian Moore clinic at a local store, but it was
> canceled because they didn't want to order any synths- they didn't think
> they could sell them.
> Roland tends to come out with stuff and have no idea how to get it into 
> hands of the consumer, except the 'buy first and then decide' ideal. I
> bought a Roland GT-Pro, which is an awesome machine, but no one actually
> carries one, so it is impossible to try out- it is also overpriced 
> to the offerings of other companies.
> But it is cool controlling loop feedback with picking dynamics....
> Dave Eichenberger-
> http://www.hazardfactor.com