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Re: Re:gratuitous nostalgia was: re: Looping in prehistory

Hi all,

talking about golden nostalgia here... does anybody remember the Deltalab
DL-2 Acousticomputer? I havenīt found any more detailed info on the net 
I know anyway (which isnīt much), so if somebody could enlighten me...
eternal gratitude will ensue!



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> from Jaco's biography:
> "As Jaco described the effect, "I've got an MXR Digital
> Delay, which I put through one amp"
> Doh!!!!!!   I had remembered it, innacurately as an ADA when, of
> course, it was an MXR delay.
> I always have a problem remembering the names of those early digital
> delays (MXR, Delta Labs, ADA, Korg, etc.)
> They were all out of my price range and were state of the art in
> their day (and thus, fairly
> pricey by a beginning musicians' standards).
> I can see that unit clearly though. with it's big blue
> faceplate...............I think he was still using Acoustic  amps,
> wasn't he?
> Someone posted a long time ago that they saw me using that MXR rack
> mount unit in Union Grove music about that time
> using it's piddly but exciting short loop time with a microphone.  I
> was really into the music of the Ituri
> Pygmies who used yodelling techniques and a cool technique where you
> sing a note into a short piece of
> closed off bamboo (or you can use a small old fashioned ink bottle,
> as well) and sing a falsetto note
> in between blowing on the bottles.
> -> Alright, Rick!
> I rember well lusting for the MXR as well after seeing WR and
> "demoing" the hell out of it at a music store - it must have had like
> three or four seconds of delay!? All I could afford was a Distortion+
> though, and two days later a Boss CE-2 chorus and a Korg tape echo
> (not a bad sound!).
> Andreas