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Re:gratuitous nostalgia was: re: Looping in prehistory

from Jaco's biography:
"As Jaco described the effect, "I've got an MXR Digital
Delay, which I put through one amp"

Doh!!!!!!   I had remembered it, innacurately as an ADA when, of  
course, it was an MXR delay.
I always have a problem remembering the names of those early digital  
delays (MXR, Delta Labs, ADA, Korg, etc.)
They were all out of my price range and were state of the art in  
their day (and thus, fairly
pricey by a beginning musicians' standards).

I can see that unit clearly though. with it's big blue  
faceplate...............I think he was still using Acoustic  amps,  
wasn't he?

Someone posted a long time ago that they saw me using that MXR rack  
mount unit in Union Grove music about that time
using it's piddly but exciting short loop time with a microphone.  I  
was really into the music of the Ituri
Pygmies who used yodelling techniques and a cool technique where you  
sing a note into a short piece of
closed off bamboo (or you can use a small old fashioned ink bottle,  
as well) and sing a falsetto note
in between blowing on the bottles.

-> Alright, Rick!
I rember well lusting for the MXR as well after seeing WR and  
"demoing" the hell out of it at a music store - it must have had like  
three or four seconds of delay!? All I could afford was a Distortion+  
though, and two days later a Boss CE-2 chorus and a Korg tape echo  
(not a bad sound!).