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Re: Looping in prehistory

On Dec 20, 2005, at 23:41, Tim Nelson wrote:

> During Joni [Mitchell's] road show, Jaco was
> featured in a solo bass spot every night. Using the
> repeat function of an MXR Digital Delay, he would lay
> down an ostinato, loop it, and then play solo lines on
> top of the repeating riff.

I saw Whether Report back then and he did the same thing with them.  
But I have always thought he was using tape, because myself I was  
looping with a Roland Chorus Echo (Tape Delay with "Sound On Sound"  
switch) in the seventies and at the WR gig I couldn't get close  
enough to see what gear Jaco used. But that kind of "show man"  
looping wasn't my interest anyway at that time. I was just thinking  
he tried to act funny and pull a joke of people's admiration for his  
playing abilities ;-)

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