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Re: Rocktron All Access

I read the manuals for the Axess and Skrydstrup controllers and while
they are both well suited for controlling guitar effects rigs, they
have what I consider fatal flaws for use as an EDP controller.

In both units the instant access switch assignments are global,
not stored per-preset as they are in the AllAccess.  This means
that you get only 10 EDP function switches in the Skrydstrup and
12 in the Axess without shelling out more cash and floor space
on an expander.  The AllAccess has the unique feature of letting
each preset contain different CC assignments for the instant access
switches, allowing you to get to all of the EDP functions.

The Skrydstrup has an additional problem in that the instant access
switches only behave as toggles, they cannot be configured as
momentary switches.  This means that you cannot use them for the "sus"
functions on the EDP.

Aside from the ability to connect an expander the Skrydstrup looks
significantly less powerful than an AllAccess.  The Axess FX1 has
some cool features like the ability to send more than one CC
and a sysex block on each switch, and the ability to link switches
so they behave like "radio buttons".  But the global assignment
of the CC values makes it a deal breaker for me as an EDP controller.