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Re: Rocktron All Access

Title: Re: Rocktron All Access
on 12/20/05 2:13 AM, Michael Peters at mp@mpeters.de wrote:

> who uses the Rocktron to control the EDP and can comment on its qualities?
> (and could possibly give me some advice on how to program it?) there is one
> for sale on eBay here in Germany ...  -Michael

I have a Rocktron All Access and two EDPs. (along with a rather large rack switching system) After some inital attempts at using the Rocktron to control the EDPs, I ended up using a FCB1010 instead.

THe FCB1010's button are much better suited for loop control, stopping, starting, etc (IMHO) Very easy to program as well. The Roctron is pretty easy too though it was not as user friendly with the EDPs for me.

THe All Access is great and I use it to control my rack but for just controlling the EDPs I would recommend saving a ton of money and using the FCB1010.

I have both.... because I am crazy :P

hope this helps!