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RE: subharmonics of dog frequencies Re: Looperlative LP1 - sample rate

Part of the issue is that stereo perception comes into play.  For example,
when we "hear" frequencies below the threshold of what we consider audible,
the slight difference of timing of these sounds hitting each ear will 
in the brain doing its own addition/subtraction between the two different
signals.  The result is that the brain definitely perceives these sounds 
we react accordingly with ease/unease, pleasure/displeasure, we know we're
hearing something even if we don't "hear" it.  It's this same capability
that can cause us to feel quite uneasy when we listen to certain types of
sounds from multiple speaker systems.

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Subject: subharmonics of dog frequencies Re: Looperlative LP1 - sample

Cool story about the test!
The theory I read in Tape Op (courtesy of the outspoken audio veteran
Walter Sear) was that we hear the *subharmonics* of these stratospheric
frequencies, which is why he feels that allegedly ultrasonic info is still
Sounds good to me, but I'm no genius and can't scientifically weigh in on

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> >      Then there's the whole argument of higher frequencies not being
> > perceived by the human ear
> > and yet still being perceived somehow...  Same with extra low
> > frequencies.  Can we hear below 20
> > Hz?  Probably not.  Can we perceive below 20 Hz?  Hell yes.
> >
> True. We can absolutely perceive below 20Hz, I live in LA, and we sure
> as hell feel earthquakes! I am actually in the camp that believes that
> there is important stuff happening above 20k. There were some test
> (that I was not involved with) where they switched between sine and
> square waves of about 15K, the difference between these two would be
> the addition of an additional frequency well above 20K and the subjects
> could here the difference.  Scientist are not sure why this is the
> case. It could be bone conduction (basically our skull shaking) or
> intermodulation, meaning the high frequency changes the lower one or
> maybe we can just actually hear that high stuff some how.
> But how that applies to a looping instrument, I am not sure there is
> great value in a super high sample rate looper at this point. If you
> have any other digital device in your signal chain, you will have
> chopped off all that high end stuff first time you hit a digital box or
> foot pedal.
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