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subharmonics of dog frequencies Re: Looperlative LP1 - sample rate

Cool story about the test!
The theory I read in Tape Op (courtesy of the outspoken audio veteran
Walter Sear) was that we hear the *subharmonics* of these stratospheric
frequencies, which is why he feels that allegedly ultrasonic info is still
Sounds good to me, but I'm no genius and can't scientifically weigh in on

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> From: Ronan Chris Murphy <looper@venetowest.com>
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> Date: 12/15/2005 3:20:23 PM
> Subject: Re: Looperlative LP1 - sample rate
> >      Then there's the whole argument of higher frequencies not being 
> > perceived by the human ear
> > and yet still being perceived somehow...  Same with extra low 
> > frequencies.  Can we hear below 20
> > Hz?  Probably not.  Can we perceive below 20 Hz?  Hell yes.
> >
> True. We can absolutely perceive below 20Hz, I live in LA, and we sure 
> as hell feel earthquakes! I am actually in the camp that believes that 
> there is important stuff happening above 20k. There were some test 
> (that I was not involved with) where they switched between sine and 
> square waves of about 15K, the difference between these two would be 
> the addition of an additional frequency well above 20K and the subjects 
> could here the difference.  Scientist are not sure why this is the 
> case. It could be bone conduction (basically our skull shaking) or 
> intermodulation, meaning the high frequency changes the lower one or 
> maybe we can just actually hear that high stuff some how.
> But how that applies to a looping instrument, I am not sure there is 
> great value in a super high sample rate looper at this point. If you 
> have any other digital device in your signal chain, you will have 
> chopped off all that high end stuff first time you hit a digital box or 
> foot pedal.
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