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Vortex, digital connections, Trower flange Re: digital input for the Vortex Re:

"Also be aware that you're missing out on the undelayed analog dry signal
by using the digi conectors."

Hmmm... Andy, I know that you are THE MAN when it comes to all things
Vortex, and I am very grateful for your insights, but I am not sure I
understand that bit about dry signal: neither the VF-1 or MPX-500 manuals
have any warning that using the digital connectors will rob me of dry
signal, and my VF-1/MPX-500/Vortex setup sounds good whether it's hooked up
analog or digital. With the digital hookup, I don't hear anything missing. 

It's VERY possible that I misunderstood you and am totally missing the
point ;-)

The main benefit I get from going digital from the VF-1 to the MPX-500 is
that I no longer have to do the nerve-wracking push-pull-wiggle excercise
to get the mono plugs into the TRS input jacks. (I still have to use the
analog outputs regardless.)
Another big benefit I get from a digital VF-1/MPX connection is that I no
longer have to put up with staticy arcing sounds and a flickering display
window like I did when I had to "schmelvin" the mono plugs into the TRS

All Confused,
P.S.--Can the Vortex be persuaded to generate an MXR-style classic-rock
non-swoosh flange a la Killing Joke's "A Love Like Blood" or Trower's "Day
of the Eagle"? Or Frank Marino circa 1977? I cannot get anything close to
this sound on my VF-1 or my MPX-500, lovely as they are. 

> [Original Message]
> From: a k butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Date: 12/14/2005 2:08:44 PM
> Subject: Re: digital input for the Vortex Re: 
> >I was wondering if it's possible or
> >even advisable to have a digital input installed on my Vortex so it can
> >play even nicer with my MPX-500 and VF-1, both of which have digital
> >As it is now, I run a SPDIF cable from my VF-1 to my MPX-500, and then I
> >a kluge workaround by running 1/4" mono patch cords from the MPX-500's
> >analog output jacks (which are only supposed to accept balanced XLR or
> >balanced TRS). So far, so good---decent sound quality, but I'm nervous
> >I'm hurting something.
> Surely Lexicon anticipated that this would happen sometime.
> Unless the MPX-500 manual forbids the use of unbalanced jacks I 
> wouldn't worry.
> If it sounds good I'd use it just as it is.
> I don't know about a digi input for the vortex,
> in fact I'm not sure that the Vortex does it all in software.
> So maybe "no way"
> (Kim would be able to say)
> Also be aware that you're missing out on the undelayed analog dry
> signal by using the digi conectors.
> andy butler