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Re: looperlative thoughts

At 8:23 AM +0000 12/15/05, simeon harris wrote:
>anybody think of some other controllers that might do a good job?

Well, I agree with Travis' assessment that the normal cast of foot 
controllers (Behringer FCB, Digitech PMC-10, etc.) ought to be 
considered first.

Looking beyond that, I'm thinking the Faderfox LV-1 ( 
http://www.faderfox.de ) would make a nice compact desktop control 
unit -- eight faders, plus plenty of knobs & switches, crossfader, 
joystick controller, etc. Also, the companion button unit -- the LX-1 
-- might complement the original LV nicely for pre-programmed switch 
presses (assuming you can't already do that with your feet).


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