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RE: two bits of news, one loopy and one not.

Congratulations on both of these. Good luck on the gallery.

Best wishes,
Warren Sirota

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> Subject: two bits of news, one loopy and one not.
> [loopy]
> I hope that you will be happy to hear that I'm buying into a 
> gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and thus the open loop 
> sessions will be restarting as a regular show, every two 
> weeks, starting in the New Year.
> [non-loopy]
> You might be wondering what I've been doing with almost all 
> my time for the last few months... it turns out that I've 
> been working on Google Music Search which just launched a 
> couple of hours ago (with a few heart-stopping hitches at the 
> last minute...)
> http://biz.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2005/12/15/busi


Please note that I only came in in the last couple of months on this
-- someone else has been brewing this for a lot longer.  Still, I am proud
and happy to be involved with it.


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