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Re: Looperlative LP1 - sample rate

     Even though higher frequencies are indeed possible with a 192K 
sampling rate, it also means
that each waveform has more samples representing it, thus higher fidelity. 
 I never did understand
how the Nyquist theorum could claim fidelity in the upper end by only 
having two samples per
waveform.  Seems to me like you wouldn't be able to distinguish a sawtooth 
from a sine from a
square wave if you only sampled at twice the highest frequency.

     Then there's the whole argument of higher frequencies not being 
perceived by the human ear
and yet still being perceived somehow...  Same with extra low frequencies. 
 Can we hear below 20
Hz?  Probably not.  Can we perceive below 20 Hz?  Hell yes.


     R.Chris Murphy wrote:
 The current sample rate of Looperlative is 
48k (48,000 samples per second) which is already higher than a 
commercial CD (although I would vote for it being the same a commercial 
CD). This in theory should reproduce frequencies up to 24 kilohertz 
already. To put that into some perspective most guitar cabinets start 
to roll off around 8k. Ignoring for the valid arguments about bone 
conduction etc, its pretty safe to say that any guy that has been in a 
rock band for a few years do not hear much about 15k, and even those of 
us that have taken pretty good care of our ears do not really hear much 
about 20k, if even that.

A sampling rate of 192k would reproduce frequencies up to about 96k,  
beyond what a dog could hear. as a live performance tool I would gladly 
take the extra time ('cause I am one of those long droney loopers ;-)

Ronan Chris Murphy

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