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Re: Looperlative LP1 - sample rate

The way I understand this is that with 2 points you can find the "sine 
equation" at this limit frequency.
As you don't hear the harmonics, it doesn't matter if its a sine, a square 
or a saw, you just hear the first harmonic anyway.
I guess it's a bit simplist but ...


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>     Even though higher frequencies are indeed possible with a 192K 
> sampling rate, it also means
> that each waveform has more samples representing it, thus higher 
> I never did understand
> how the Nyquist theorum could claim fidelity in the upper end by only 
> having two samples per
> waveform.  Seems to me like you wouldn't be able to distinguish a 
> from a sine from a
> square wave if you only sampled at twice the highest frequency.
>     Then there's the whole argument of higher frequencies not being 
> perceived by the human ear
> and yet still being perceived somehow...  Same with extra low 
> Can we hear below 20
> Hz?  Probably not.  Can we perceive below 20 Hz?  Hell yes.
>     Stephen
>     R.Chris Murphy wrote:
> The current sample rate of Looperlative is
> 48k (48,000 samples per second) which is already higher than a
> commercial CD (although I would vote for it being the same a commercial
> CD). This in theory should reproduce frequencies up to 24 kilohertz
> already. To put that into some perspective most guitar cabinets start
> to roll off around 8k. Ignoring for the valid arguments about bone
> conduction etc, its pretty safe to say that any guy that has been in a
> rock band for a few years do not hear much about 15k, and even those of
> us that have taken pretty good care of our ears do not really hear much
> about 20k, if even that.
> A sampling rate of 192k would reproduce frequencies up to about 96k,
> beyond what a dog could hear. as a live performance tool I would gladly
> take the extra time ('cause I am one of those long droney loopers ;-)
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