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Re: Looperlative LP1 - sample rate


> Seems to me like you wouldn't be able to distinguish a sawtooth from a 
>sine from a 
> square wave if you only sampled at twice the highest frequency.

Surely sound waves are always sine waves? The electronic pulse that 
generates the 
sound may be square or triangular or sawtooth or whatever, but the actual 
sound that 
comes out of a loudspeaker or musical instrument is always a sine wave. Or 
rather a 
multitude of sine waves superimposed on each other as fundamentals and 
harmonics. The 
sound reflections of room ambience are again just a whole bunch more 
little sine 
waves. So a sampler, even if it only has two points on a wave, can still 
'guess' the 
full waveform as it will always be a sine.


  Ian Petersen