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Re: Real-time category

On Dec 7, 2005, at 9:32, loop.pool wrote:

> What I'm interested more in, quite frankly, is what are the  
> practical distinctions from a musical standpoint between the
> two paradigms?

For me, as a musician, there is in praxis no difference at all. And  
that is because I never, ever play my instruments THROUGH the looping  
software. I monitor/ampligy my audio input (instruments played)  
directly from the sound card out into the PA (or local amp) before it  
goes into the software. That's essential. When the looping software  
does compensate for the latency induced by the computer hardware I  
couldn't care less. My loops bounce back exactly as I played them and  
the machine has a complete loop round to fulfill its calculations.  
Last week I did a gig with only Möbious on a laptop and I had two  
percussionists with me (udu, kongoma, talking drum and shakers). I  
looped the percussion mic and my own flute mic into Möbius, sometimes  
on the same track, sometimes creating a percussion only track and  
sometimes layering it all into the same loop. None of us three felt  
any problem with the timing.

I understand that musicians can experience difficulties if playing  
(their instrument's direct signal) through the software, but I don't  
do that. When I bring my EDP though, I can sometimes enjoy the easy  
going set up to play through the machine, but most of the time I even  
put the EDP in a send loop and turn its "mix" button all way right.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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