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Re: Real-time category

On Dec 7, 2005, at 9:32, loop.pool wrote:

> Also,  how reliable do you find connecting the two kinds of systems  
> via MIDI in a real time musical performance?

Speaking about synchronization I have found everything except Ableton  
Live reliable in the slaving-ti-MIDI-clock sync position (i.e. Möbius  
in Windows XP, Augustus Loop in OS X and the two hardware units  
Repeater looper and AKAI MFC42 analog filterbank). Therefore I have  
often used Live as the sync master. Good thing with that is that  
using the EDP's speed function won't kick a bunch of slaved gear into  
bizarre tempo changes. Bad thing is I miss out on the wonderful First  
Loop Tempo Definition option that comes with running the EDP as the  

Maybe the bad sync slaving in Live is related to OS X or the Mac  
version of Live, but I can't tell for sure with my limited  
experience. When running Möbius in XP as the MIDI clock master I have  
not experienced any sync drop-outs with Live as I have had on the Mac  
when using Augustus Loop or my EDP as the sync master for MIDI clock.

Since I found a machine that can run Möbius I tend to leave out the  
EDP and run four tracks of stereo loops in Möbius instead (kind of  
equal to eight EDPs set up for four stereo loopers). Möbius internal  
sync, between its tracks, feels rock solid to me, but I won't go into  
repeating what have already been posted on this. All this software  
fiddling has had an interesting, psychologically subjective, effect  
on my attitude towards my EDP. I really enjoy it more as an  
instrument compared to looking at it as "a device" and I tend to use  
it on it's own without syncing at with other gear. I feel more like  
I'm playing the EDP than that I'm "using it to loop what I play" and  
I prefer to play the EDP without syncing up to other gear (eventually  
just the combo EDP + beat synced filterbank with an expression pedal  
mapped to LFO tempo division).

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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