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Re: Re EDP loosing MIDI Clock sync - Quest

>> I've never noticed any sync flaws with my own EDP, but a friend with
>> Loop4 reported to me that his EDP looses MIDI clock sync each time he
>> goes Next Loop. He is running an AKAI MPC1000 as the MIDI clock
>> master and the EDP is set to Timing/Sync= IN. He says it was working
>> perfectly in Loop3. Any comments?

> On Nov 12, 2005, at 11:55, a k butler wrote:
> need more info
> "looses clock sync" means
> 1) " loop is wrong length and drifts"
> 2) " loop starts at wrong place"
> Quantise = ?
> SwitchQuant = ?
> Probably he hasn't quite got his loop4 settings to match
> those he had in loop3.
> Loop4 sync=In has always been very reliable.
> andy

Hi Andy,

Thank you for your input on this. To answer your questions, the loops  
start at the wrong places. We tried all quantize settings.  
SwitchQuant usually set to Cycle. Sync is failing when MoreLoops=4 or  
more. At MoreLoops=3 or less it's working fine, just as his Loop 3  
does. Here's the sequence of actions we tested:

- Start the Akai MPC (MIDI Clock master)
- Wait until EDP hooks up to sync.
- Press Record to start recording the first loop.
- Press NextLoop to record the second loop (LoopCopy= off)
- Press NextLoop to record the third loop
- Press NextLoop to record the fourth loop
- Press NextLoop to listen back to the first loop

Now, the problem is that the loops (not the first loop) tend to play  
back too late. Loop length is correct but I get the feeling that the  
EDP has been starting to record "too late" and also stopped recording  
"too late".

This guy is my personal live looping student and I'm hired by the  
school to help him out with a concert project that includes a lot of  
looping. He is quite used to Looping with Loop 3 in his EDP and a  
very good multi instrument musician (he can hit the Next button  
accurately ;-). He just recently bought Loop 4 and unfortunately this  
problem makes it impossible for him to use Loop 4. This week we took  
out the new Loop 4 chip and put back his old Loop 3. After that the  
EDP does follow sync and switching actions as expected - with the  
same settings as used with Loop 4.

Is this something others have experienced in Loop4? (I have not, mine  
is working ok on the same series of actions, under the same settings)  
Advice? Is there some way to test that his Loop 4 chip is not defect?

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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