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Matt Davignon: Live Looping Tour

     One of my favorite artists in our entire community,  Matt Davignon 
be doing an
exciting west coast tour,  performing solo on the same bill as Chaos 
Butterfly, a wonderfully
creative group that features Dina Emerson,  the amazing singer who also 
performs with
Meredith Monk and Cirque De Soleil.  I had the privilege of being on the 
same bill with Dina
a couple of times and I was really impressed with the beauty of her 

This will be a very special concert so I urge you to make it if it comes 
your vicinity.
Info and schedule is below:

thanks,  Rick Walker


Chaos Butterfly and Matt Davignon are bringing their unique forms of
immersive improvised electroacoustic music up and down the West Coast. If
you like this stuff, please come to one of the shows, enjoy the music and
say hello!

Chaos Butterfly
The electroacoustic duo Chaos Butterfly is Jonathan Segel (violin, guitar,
electronics) and Dina Emerson (voice, wineglasses, electronics, etc.). 
Butterfly has worked with Camper Van Beethoven (Segel) and the Meredith 
Ensemble (Emerson), in addition to working with operas, orchestras, and the
Cirque du Soleil. Their music encompasses song, soundtrack, storytelling,
and mayhem, all created and performed in real time. The instrumentation is 
seamless combination of electronic and acoustic sources, including violin,
voice, laptop computers, guitar, wine glasses, and various toy samplers.

Matt Davignon is an experimental musician living in Oakland, California.
Since 1993, he has developed his own unique style of music, which focuses
largely on textures, arrhythmic patterns and musical imperfections. Since
2004, he has been working almost exclusively with a drum machine, run
through a series of effects and samplers. Drawing from what he's learned in
his previous work in sound collage, field recordings, found objects and
prepared instruments, he creates an organic array of drones, gurgles and
frantic passages.

Tour info & samples at http://www.ribosomemusic.com/Tour2005.html

Friday, December 2
1905 NE Martin Luther King
Portland, OR
8:00 pm $3-4 sliding scale

Chaos Butterfly
Matt Davignon
Evolutionary Jass Band

Saturday, December 3
On the radio
88.7 FM  KBVR Corvallis
3:00 PM
Chaos Butterfly
Matt Davignon

Monday, December 5  afternoon
On the radio
88.1 FM  KWVA  Eugene
3/4 PM

Monday, December 5 evening
Sam Bonds Garage
407 blair blvd
Eugene, OR
8:00 pm $6-10 sliding scale
(541) 343-2635

Wednesday, December 7
Gallery 412
1412 18th Ave.
Seattle, WA
8:00 pm $5-15 sliding
(206) 322-1533

8:30: Noah Mickens with Harauko Nishimura (voice/found objects/dance)
9:30ish: Matt Davignon
10:15 ish: Chaos Butterfly

Thursday, December 15
Trummerflora presents
Other Ideas at Voz Alta
1544 Broaddway @16th (East Village)
San Deigo, CA
8:00 pm - $5 at the door
    Matt Davignon
    Chaos Butterfly

Friday, December 16
OPEN  Books Music Magazine Art
144 Linden Ave
Long Beach, CA
8pm - donation requested
   Chaos Butterfly
   Matt Davignon