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Re: Re EDP loosing MIDI Clock sync - Quest

At 01:56 PM 12/1/2005, Per Boysen wrote:
>>>I've never noticed any sync flaws with my own EDP, but a friend with
>>>Loop4 reported to me that his EDP looses MIDI clock sync each time he
>>>goes Next Loop. He is running an AKAI MPC1000 as the MIDI clock
>>>master and the EDP is set to Timing/Sync= IN. He says it was working
>>>perfectly in Loop3. Any comments?

there is a known LoopIV problem when using sync=in and AutoRecord. There 
an easy work-around, use LoopCopy=time instead of AutoRecord. 
(LoopCopy=time is a more flexible method of creating multiple loops than 
autorecord anyway, you can teach your student about that also. :-)

This has been posted in more detail before:


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