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Re: Echoplex Footpedal not responding

Nothing's "perfect" on stage.  I've done hundreds of shows with the
EDP foot controller and it's been quite acceptable.  I have MIDI
controllers that also get unreliable when they get dirt in the
contacts, and I've had them drop memory right before a show.  I even
have to retune my guitar every few songs, but I'm still using it.

I've had more EDP failures due to thermal issues on warm stages (and
no more than a dozen of those over many years) than I've had
non-recoverable footcontroller issues.  If the Behringer works for
you, great, but this FUD regarding the EDP foot controller is


On 8/31/02, Adrian Bartholomew <adrian@bartholomusic.com> wrote:
> 1---u need PERFECTION onstage. period. reliability is key. who wants to
> be embarrased or have to compromise creativity? anything less.... is a
> "bad" design, whatever the reason.
> 2---if u dont have floorspace for the edp pedal, u wont have it for the
> 1010 either. neither will fit into any conventional pedalbox. design
> and adapt to what u need for ur act.
> ___
> Adrian Bartholomew
> Leawood KS
> On Aug 31, 2005, at 12:00 PM, Travis Hartnett wrote: