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Re: Echoplex Footpedal not responding

the edp footpedal is badly designed. i have seen posts that suggests that it uses different resistances in the switches that the brain translates to decide which function to perform. dumb idea. anything could throw that off. dirty switches, interference etc. maybe its not even debounced adequately as someone also had some luck with putting capacitance across it. either way its very unreliable. frightening to depend on onstage.
all u can do is clean it with contact cleaner and say 3 hail marys.
the behringer FCB1010 is the choice of most including mine for versatility, price and reliability.

Adrian Bartholomew
Leawood KS
On Aug 31, 2005, at 6:32 AM, Frederik Leroux-Roels wrote:


I've been having some problems with my Echoplex Footpedal lately and it's
just a couple of months old.

When I hit the Record button or Overdub button the unit often doesn't
respond, or on some occasions it goes into Edit mode which is not cool at
all. The thing is when I use the front panel of the unit to control the
Echoplex everything is fine, so the problem must be caused by the Footpedal.

I've been looking into the mailing archive but I can't find a solution over
there. I tried using a different cable cause that seemed to have worked for
some people, but it didn't change anything. What can I do? Is changing the
switches an option? I haven't really stomped hard on them and the problem
seems to have been there from the start. Could it be that the switches were
faulty from the start? If I should give this a try what type of switches
should I use to replace the old ones? Could someone give me some advice on
this? I would really appreciate it!

All the best,

Frederik Leroux