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Re: Echoplex Footpedal not responding

I use the native EDP controller, on a pedalboard, live onstage with a 
band.  Never had an issue.  I have even modified my native EDP 
controller to swtch between my 2 EDPs.  Still no issues.

The FCB1010 is 27 inches wide.  The EDP controller is approximately 18 
inches (don't have one in front of me). 

I agree - design and adapt to what you need.  But operate on the facts.


Adrian Bartholomew wrote:

> 1---u need PERFECTION onstage. period. reliability is key. who wants 
> to be embarrased or have to compromise creativity? anything less.... 
> is a "bad" design, whatever the reason.
> 2---if u dont have floorspace for the edp pedal, u wont have it for 
> the 1010 either. neither will fit into any conventional pedalbox. 
> design and adapt to what u need for ur act.
> ___*
> Adrian Bartholomew
> *Leawood KS
> On Aug 31, 2005, at 12:00 PM, Travis Hartnett wrote:
>     The EDP footpedal isn't badly designed, but it's not perfect. The
>     resistance based control method isn't as fragile or error prone as
>     you
>     might think and it does allow for people to easily make custom
>     controllers in different form factors (although few people did so),
>     and also allows for easy end-user repair of the foot controller.
>     Remember that the footpedal design is about ten years old, and there
>     were no cheap Behringer MIDI controllers back then. For people that
>     want immediate access to the most of the core features of EDP without
>     the programming issues of a MIDI controller and/or who can't spare
>     the
>     floorspace the Behringer requires, the EDP footcontroller is a very
>     useful tool.
>     It also helps to remember that "stompbox" is a nickname, not an
>     operating instruction.
>     TravisH
>     On 8/31/02, Adrian Bartholomew <adrian@bartholomusic.com> wrote:
>         the edp footpedal is badly designed. i have seen posts that
>         suggests
>         that it uses different resistances in the switches that the brain
>         translates to decide which function to perform. dumb idea.
>         anything
>         could throw that off. dirty switches, interference etc. maybe
>         its not
>         even debounced adequately as someone also had some luck with
>         putting
>         capacitance across it. either way its very unreliable.
>         frightening to
>         depend on onstage.
>         all u can do is clean it with contact cleaner and say 3 hail
>         marys.
>         the behringer FCB1010 is the choice of most including mine for
>         versatility, price and reliability.
>         ___
>         Adrian Bartholomew
>         Leawood KS
>         On Aug 31, 2005, at 6:32 AM, Frederik Leroux-Roels wrote: