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Re: Echoplex Footpedal not responding

more search would have found this: 

> Hello,
> I've been having some problems with my Echoplex Footpedal lately and it's
> just a couple of months old.
> When I hit the Record button or Overdub button the unit often doesn't
> respond, or on some occasions it goes into Edit mode which is not cool at
> all.  The thing is when I use the front panel of the unit to control the
> Echoplex everything is fine, so the problem must be caused by the 
> Footpedal.
> I've been looking into the mailing archive but I can't find a solution 
> over
> there.  I tried using a different cable cause that seemed to have worked 
> for
> some people, but it didn't change anything.  What can I do? Is changing 
> the
> switches an option? I haven't really stomped hard on them and the problem
> seems to have been there from the start.  Could it be that the switches 
> were
> faulty from the start? If I should give this a try what type of switches
> should I use to replace the old ones?  Could someone give me some advice 
> on
> this? I would really appreciate it!
> All the best,
> Frederik Leroux