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Re: Behringer FCB 1010 or Digital Music Ground Control?

Per Boysen wrote:
> This is my concern as well with the FCB. I have done a couple of web  
> search but did not find any PDF manual online for the Ground Control,  
> so I really don't know if I could make good use of one.

For EDP users the bottom line is you get is 8 function switches that
always stay the same, and 4 program switches for selecting presets.
The bank switches on the right side only let you scroll through
different program assignments for the bottom 4 switches, they
do not change the CC assignments for the 8 function switches.  If you
don't want to change presets, then you can make the bottom
row be function switches for a total of 12, but they never change.

If you're going through a computer, then it isn't so bad because
you can apply software mapping to the function switches.