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Re: "Conventional" music performance using looping

I agree with that statement a lot... but it also
depends on context.  I find that if I'm the background
music at an art opening, bring it on.  Nice ambient
mush is often what the doctor ordered (though I like
Fripp's Let The Power Fall era stuff a LOT more than
his current mush)

I also love to hear it performed at such events. 
However, when you have a group of people all focused
on what you're doing, it's really not great music to
watch performed.


--- Todd Pafford <calenlas@gmail.com> wrote:

> Ultimately, though, in this case I think Gary's
> opinion and mine would
> largely coincide.  The "polychordal mush" that he
describes is the
> sort of thing that I can at times enjoy creating,
but I rarely seek it
> out to listen to.