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Re: Fripp and Soundscapes


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> ---->Well, I met the man once and he was a nice fellow--
Yeah well I split the cost of a case of homebrew with him once and joined him and others in consuming the lot (sorry for the topper). I love him to death but I would rejoice to see RF hit the road again with a couple of Revoxesssss( a couple for back-up),the black '58 Les Paul, a couple of stomp boxes and the returned desire to punch "out" of a simple but melodic loop and play the living shit out of the electric guitar in anything but "polychordal mush" mode. Even the tracks on "Let The Power Fall" are just the loops and none of the actual counterpoint of a live unlooped solo that was presented with, in the original performance context. The truth is if you listen to the farther parameters of his work with the League of Gentlemen, Eno, and solo loops "with solo", you will hear some pretty dangerous and brilliant electric guitar work for this or any other century so far.

Which is not to say that he hasn't released enough material over the last 15 years to make you wonder where that genius lie in the moment of another bit of "polychordal mush". My personal vote for worst RF disc of all time is "Robert Fripp 1999-Soundscapes Live in Argentina" circa 1994, which includes musically all the things you could possibly not enjoy about the "boops and beeps" genre.A friend of mine once said to me that seeing Fripp's solo loop performance was like watching an air traffic controller at work, except without the obvious life and death scenario possible for the air traffic controller's clients. As Neil Innes said "I've suffered for my music, now it's your turn".

                                                                bryan helm

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