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Fun with time signatures

Hey Loopoids
 Here is a cool trick I happened upon that works for any loop device that
can toggle between normal and half speed recording while in record mode. I
do it on the DL4, but I believe the EDP and The Rang can achieve these
results. I have been able to get predictable results of 3/4, 7/8,9/8,10/8,
and 11/8, by toggling the record speed  while looping 8th note figures on 
guitar. I may have mentioned this trick before, but since then I've figured
out some more formulas.
To take you through this technique, start by playing a simple straight 8th
note figure on your weapon of choice. Hit record, and every two beats 
record speeds, until you complete your loop, making sure that there are
equal numbers of half speed and normal speed beats. the loop you wind up
with will have a 3/4 rhythm (or 6/8 depending on tempo), with a cool octave
switch (courtesy of the record speed toggling). Rather than go in to a long
winded explanation about why that is I'll give you the formulas I've come 
with so far:

On the left is the pattern of beats I play as I switch record speeds.
Example: to get 9/8, I toggle every 3 beats, 7/8 I alternate 3 8th notes 
2 8th notes, etc...
 In the middle is the speed I start recording in,  H stands for half speed
and N stands for normal speed.
At right is the resulting time signature.

2-2         H/N     3/4
3-3         H/N     9/8
3-2         H       7/8
2-3         N       4/4
2-3         N       7/8
2-3         H       4/4
3-4         H       11/8
3-4         N       10/8
4-3         H       10/8
4-3         N       11/8

I hope this made sense, there will be  some examples of this technique on 
upcoming Cd, until then, you'll just have to try it to hear it.