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Re: laptop latency

>another issue that i'm interested in, is the latency in " hardware 
>loopers "they all depend on software and AD-DA (at least to my 
>knowledge) and also the guitar/ampsim like the VG-88
>line  6 pod etc.
>anyone got some clue to what latency you'd expect ???
>Gunnar Backman
>Brak(E)man Prod/Brakophonics
>E-mail  brakophonic@telia.com

I only know about the EDP but most processors work similar:
the converter has buffers of 16 samples and the processor treats 
(like any DSP) sample by sample, so it only adds about 2 samples, 
maybe some more in other machines due to filter calculations.
44 samples would be 1ms...
This is for the loop path, the dry path is analog.

thats why you did not hear the word latency before the computers came...

I doubt Kim ever said 4ms
but 1.5ms command cycle is correct. Usually it takes less than a 
cycle to react  to a command, in the worst case a little more.
And it takes about another cycle to send out a MIDI command.

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