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Re: laptop latency

2005-03-15 kl. 20.01 Per Boysen wrote:

So standing six to nine meters from your amp/speaker is what to compare with, when computer latency ;-)

You mean 18-27 ms latency for an average soundcard + internal processing (am I getting you right .)

says 1 ms
for "
The Core Audio HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) provides ultra low latency communication between applications and I/O devices that is measurably more efficient than previous solutions. M-Audio reports latency as low as 40 samples on Mac OS X from the company’s audio interfaces. That translates into 1ms throughput latency — and you get this performance in a full multi-channel environment."

Just bragging ?

I'm using an old Audiomedia III Soundcard , I think it has at least 25 ms latency or somewhere around that.
and i'm not having any problems playing the Guitar Rig through that.
Gunnar Backman