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Re: The Mobius Technological Enslavement Device is now available

Please please please PLEASE port this thing.

We mac folks need it.  Of course I'll try to run it on virtual pc.

Good job.


On 2/15/05 12:23 PM, "Jeff Larson" <Jeffrey.Larson@Sun.COM> wrote:

> Some of you may recall that about 9 months ago during an embarrassing
> bout of hubris, I announced that I was writing a Windows looping
> application that emulated a Loop IV EDP.  It probably comes as no
> surprise that I underestimated how hard that was going to be :-)
> But I'm pleased (and relieved) to finally say that a public beta of
> the Mobius looping device is now available.  You can find it at
> www.zonemobius.com.  It was developed on Windows XP, should run on W2K
> and ME, but might not run on 98.
> Mobius is essentially 8 independent stereo EDPs with the ability to
> copy loops and timing between them.  Extensive MIDI, computer
> keyboard, and UI button control is provided.  Progress through the
> loop is displayed as a horizontal "thermometer" annotated with markers
> that show when quantized functions will occur.  Loops (including
> complete layer histories) may be saved to and loaded from files.
> I believe there is fairly complete coverage of features except for
> three notable areas: Loop Windowing, Interface Mode, and external
> synchronization.  I'm working on loop windowing now.  Andy Butler made
> the wise suggestion not to get too fixated on a perfect
> emulation and instead implement features the way they made sense to
> me.  I do have an EDP and use it to cross check behavior, but if you
> are an expert you will notice some differences.  Most of these are
> discussed in the user's manual.
> While anyone is welcome to try it out, it would be best if you already
> have some knowledge of the EDP.  For obvious reasons I don't have the
> resources to replicate the EDP manual, the documentation I do have
> is concerned mostly with configuration and how Mobius is different
> than the EDP.  This is a true beta, so it's still a little rough
> around the edges.  Basic operations should work but as you explore the
> fringes you may find problems.  PLEASE report them.
> There is no immediate plan for a Mac port or a VST plugin.  I am
> finding it easier and more interesting to evolve Mobius as a
> standalone application that can host VST plugins and provide the
> optimized performance features I want, rather than having it be a VST
> plugin and wrestle with host interaction issues.  That may change
> once I start exploring Ableton Live, but not for awhile.
> I hope some of you find this as entertaining as I do.
> Jeff