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Re: Re:

 Can we just end this....
        ....there is not much value in continuing....I am sure everyone is properly indignant by now.
Date: 02/15/05 08:39:21
Subject: Re: Re:
Good Morning,
What is this, round three?
> Wow, a whining bitch, AND an egomaniac.
Um, OK.  I did say that I know how crappy my music is.  do you know?
Do you have the perspective to know that?
> I'm just using less words to send back a taste of your own medicine,
> pops.
Thank you so much young person.  Out of the mouths of babes...
> Your opinion, disguised by you as some sort of universal fundamental,
> means absolutely nothing to me.
I'm sure about that!  You know I can really, really tell it means
nothing to you.
> Larry Cooperman wrote:
>> Oh yeah,
>> With all due respect, The Toy Room pretty much explains it.  Doesn't
>> it?  I ain't toying around biscuit.
>> Larry Cooperman
>> New Millennium Guitar
Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar