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RE: RE: Re:

See?  That's the great thing about you Larry.  You hop to any chance to
fight and be an arrogant ass.  Intelligent, indifferent, talented,
yes...but still a mean spiteful ass.  Hey, I'm just calling it as I see
it, right?

Great...give me paragraphs about who you are and all that blah, blah,
I can get the same shit and more from Dr. Z, or any other number of
over-the top smart guys in this world.

And yes, you can look me up at my site at www.asopaque.com.

You can even comment if you like.  If I don't hear from you in seven
months, I'll figure that you hated it.

So, I'll be the biscuit and you'll be the bitch.  Whatever.

Ok, so you're not lonely.  Good for you!  How assumptive of me (it gets
to the best of us, don't it)  But, see...I've got a beautiful wife, too.
And very talented friends who I work and collaborate with.  I'm a bad
ass digital photoretoucher and designer, with an art degree to boot.  My
work includes clients like Speedo, Guess?, Kenwood, Vans, QSC, Bell, and
others.  www.nvm2c.com

Do you care?  I didn't think so.  So why should I care about:

"Listen Rich with all due respect you can buy a dozen or so recordings 
of my music by some of the world's best classical guitarists.  I don't 
even need to play just like that there Beethoven.  I'm covered, are 
you?  You're blowing hot air, as a matter of fact, most of you are 
because you don't live musically, you just think you do with the 

Really...Why should I care?
That you're LIVING as a composer?  Is that a requirement here?  Should I
be banned because I'm a creative hobbyist/amateur?  Or hold my tongue?
Sit in the corner and shut up while holding my biscuits?  Hahaha...

It appears you enjoy starting fires, and tonight I stepped up and here
we are in a pissing contest.  What fun!

But if you expect me to be a supplicant because of your resume, forget
it.  You wouldn't give me that respect.  Don't expect it back.

"You don't know me because you have no perspective and I know 
how crappy I am because I do have the perspective to know the world's 
greatest composers and musicians."

I'm not even sure what to make of this...you keep repeating this theme,
that we, or I, have no perspective.  In my opinion, that's EXACTLY what
we have, our OWN perspective of life, music, etc.  Why do you keep
expecting this massive understanding of 'your' perspective when you
belittle mine?  And do you want some sort of credit for feeling crappy
in the face of someone musically better than you?  Join the team.

Flame on,
Aka:  biscuit boy

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Oh yeah,
With all due respect, The Toy Room pretty much explains it.  Doesn't 
it?  I ain't toying around biscuit.

Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar

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