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Re: RE: RE: Re:

On Feb 14, 2005, at 9:16 PM, the toy room wrote:

> See?  That's the great thing about you Larry.  You hop to any chance to
> fight and be an arrogant ass.  Intelligent, indifferent, talented,
> yes...but still a mean spiteful ass.  Hey, I'm just calling it as I see
> it, right?

Good Morning Toy,

Yes, I am.
> Great...give me paragraphs about who you are and all that blah, blah,
> blah.

I was asked by a young man in AU.  As I said to him, you can use this 
to hang me.  He asked, I didn't volunteer.
> I can get the same shit and more from Dr. Z, or any other number of
> over-the top smart guys in this world.
> And yes, you can look me up at my site at www.asopaque.com.
> You can even comment if you like.  If I don't hear from you in seven
> months, I'll figure that you hated it.

Sue, I've got all the time in the world.
> So, I'll be the biscuit and you'll be the bitch.  Whatever.
> Ok, so you're not lonely.

Well I am lonely for pedestrian banter but you've satisfied me.
> Good for you!  How assumptive of me (it gets
> to the best of us, don't it)  But, see...I've got a beautiful wife, 
> too.
> And very talented friends who I work and collaborate with.  I'm a bad
> ass digital photoretoucher and designer, with an art degree to boot.  
> My
> work includes clients like Speedo, Guess?, Kenwood, Vans, QSC, Bell, 
> and
> others.  www.nvm2c.com
> Do you care?  I didn't think so.  So why should I care about:
> "Listen Rich with all due respect you can buy a dozen or so recordings
> of my music by some of the world's best classical guitarists.  I don't
> even need to play just like that there Beethoven.  I'm covered, are
> you?  You're blowing hot air, as a matter of fact, most of you are
> because you don't live musically, you just think you do with the
> technology."

Well this is not a photo group.
> Really...Why should I care?
> That you're LIVING as a composer?  Is that a requirement here?  Should 
> I
> be banned because I'm a creative hobbyist/amateur?  Or hold my tongue?
> Sit in the corner and shut up while holding my biscuits?  Hahaha...

No, you shouldn't care.  No one asked you to hold your cunning lingual.
> It appears you enjoy starting fires, and tonight I stepped up and here
> we are in a pissing contest.  What fun!

My bladder hurts, pardon me.
> But if you expect me to be a supplicant because of your resume, forget
> it.  You wouldn't give me that respect.  Don't expect it back.

Yes, as I said, I was asked by someone.  I didn't volunteer and knew 
that this would happen.  I have been on this list for 7 months and 
never mentioned my resume, only when asked.
> "You don't know me because you have no perspective and I know
> how crappy I am because I do have the perspective to know the world's
> greatest composers and musicians."
> I'm not even sure what to make of this...you keep repeating this theme,
> that we, or I, have no perspective.  In my opinion, that's EXACTLY what
> we have, our OWN perspective of life, music, etc.  Why do you keep
> expecting this massive understanding of 'your' perspective when you
> belittle mine?  And do you want some sort of credit for feeling crappy
> in the face of someone musically better than you?  Join the team.

Like I said I was asked for my resume.
Toy room.  My kid has one.

Now, can I get off of the list there moderator?
Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar