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RE: Line6 DL4/replacing the switches

Hey Raphael, The switches that line 6 uses are a plunger style contact
switch that are not hard to replace as they are not soldered to the pc
board. You have to remove the pc board and battery terminals to get them
out, but there is no issue with soldering. Finding them might be the other
thing, I'd check on line with line 6 to seeif you can order them directly,
or through a service center or dealership in your area.


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From: Raphael Vanoli [mailto:raphaelvanoli@gmx.net]
Sent: Monday, February 14, 2005 3:18 PM
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Subject: Line6 DL4/replacing the switches

Hello Line6 DL4 users,

I've got a simple technical question concerning replacement of broken
switches in the Line6 DL4...

Three of the four switches aren't working properly in mine, is it an easy
task to replace them ? Are they standard switches or do you have to get
special ones? It doesn't look to difficult to me but I don't want to ruin

Sorry for spaming this mailing list with a question like this, it just 
to be a good way to get an answer...

best - Raphael

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