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RE: Line6 DL4/replacing the switches

You may not need to replace them...the line-6 has a very clever and
cheap switch system.  In 99.99% of foot pedals the switch is a single
unit that is usually between $3-$20 to replace.  With the DL-4 the
plungers on top are not switches ...just plungers... they press down
onto pc-board mounted switches below.  I have fixed a couple of friends
DL4's when the plungers became loose and weren't pressing down far
enough to hit the switch.  Using the nuts on the plunger you can
increase/decrease the height of the plunger (and make sure it's tightly
screwed in).  Hopefully that's the problem.  You can tell by opening it
up and pressing on the actual PC-board switch...if that works then your
problem is a mechanical one...The plungers probably aren't broken (I
mean, they are moving up and down right?) you just may need to adjust
their height.

I have also seen the problem of the pc-board switch itself wearing out.
In which case you should have experience soldering small things to
replace it.  They are SPDT switches, but are only half used - as SPST
switches.  If you can find the right switch it would be a moderate
solder job to replace them.  Check out the link to this part - it would
probably do the trick...it looks like the right form factor and operates
the same.... 71 cents each.