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Re: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE:

On Feb 14, 2005, at 3:05 PM, Suit & Tie Guy wrote:

> On Feb 14, 2005, at 2:39 PM, William Walker wrote:
>> Hey Larry, if you are taking pot shots at me or my brother, why don't 
>> you
>> just come out and say it rather than imply it? The truth is I haven't 
>> gotten
> yeah i gotta say that trashing the Walkers isn't very cool at all.

oh, the great walker bros. i gotta say that talking shit bout' lefty 
ain't kosher
listen the walker bros are really fine people, i just won't go looking 
for them in the new music bin/  that's ok
cool is for high school, in the world i live my musical life in we tell 
the truth as we see it and try to be men
> sometimes i think i have rude tendancies and am full of myself. then a 
> purveyor of New Millenium Guitar can come along and make me feel like 
> the most humble musician in the world.
> thanks for the perspective, Larry.

have you ever said anything true Eric?  are you really a musician or a 
high school chump?

i know what a small musician i am because i have some perspective there 
Eric.  do you?

that millennium with two "Ns'"

you don't know what humble is until you've really listened to what's 
out there in the way of art music.  looping, really
> ---
> Eric Williamson
> www.suitandtieguy.com
Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar