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RE: For your listening amusement

Tony, I like it..."singularity"..are you perhaps referring to the
singularity of a black hole where most all the laws of physics
break-down? I particularly like this piece because it is somewhat dark,
very rich with sounds, tones, and ambience.  It's the type of song that
I would use to get me thinking or feeling about something
abstract...can't quite put my finger on it.

It's interesting how this email of yours is generating so much
discussion.  For many years now my primary aspiration in music critique
has been to become a radical subjectivist, which can be interpreted as
musical nihilism (where there is no right and wrong, good and bad...no
affirmation of musical value) or musician relativism (where anything
goes).  Philosophically, one can imply the other, depending on what sort
of mood I'm in.  :)    Fortunately, and shamefully so, I am not always
successful at attaining this goal.  It is easy to yield to the
self-reflecting ego and superimpose musical judgment on another's piece
of music. It's what we humans do so well: pass judgment...I'm doing it
now.  And some day in the near future, I'll make some snide remark about
another musician's ability or the merit of a piece of music, sliding yet
again into hypocrasy. It get's better each year...the acceptance part,
that is, the witholding of judgement, etc. 

Back to your piece....it reminds me of some of the work that Michael
Stearns did, like "Encounter" - revolves around UFOs, alien life, etc.
I like the fact that the piece changes frequently. If this is the way
you feel, it is the way you should craft your work.  It tells a
complicated story...perhaps what it would be like to be inside a
singularity (impossible as that is, but a good fantasy theme
nonetheless)...or perhaps an even more interesting theme, one that
Herman Hesse illustrated in Siddhartha, where everything is just a facet
of a larger whole or fabric of being. Good and evil, right and wrong,
beauty and ugliness, truth and falsehood...all just facets of the same
"ONE". Your piece has a lot of elements to it, but I can feel an
underlying theme. It just doesn't jump out and grab you from a rhythmic
and melodic standpoint...nothing inherently worng with this...or right
for that matter.  That being said, I find that the music I listen to
isn't always the music that I like to play or perform, or even music
that I would necessarily aspire to artistically.  I like to listen to
some ambient and new age music because it relaxes me and helps me think,
though that is not the type of music I aspire to write and perform. And
some music that I really admire artistically I don't listen to that
often, because it starts to influence me after a while....Terje Rypdal,
John Abercrombie, and Bill Frissell have had this effect on me. I loved
them so much that they started to unconsciously come out in my music. 

I don't know what, if any criteria exist to evaluate the artistic merit
of a piece of music. I am inclined to visciously reject any criteria,
because when you put them through the acid test, they fail and can't
withstand counter-example.  And what we are left with is an unpleasant
residuum: resentment and misunderstanding.  If there were such a
criteria, I'm inclined to say that they have something to do with
sincerity, intent, and emotive expression...though I am unwilling to
articulate an attempt at a proposed criteria...many have tried...many
have failed miserably or were accused of armchair philosophy.

And finally, one of my favorite quotes!!!!  Whooo whooo!

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted" - William S. Burroughs


Krispen Hartung 
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Hello Loopy people,

I've been doing loopy soundscapes for a few months and recording some of
I'd like some feedback (heh) on my last one.
It overloaded in a few places so there's a touch of unintentional 
distortion. :(  ah well.

Brutal honesty is appreciated.