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RE: For your listening amusement

Hi Tony

What follows is my very personal opinion, so you're welcome to completely
ignore it.

I think it is important that some idea can be grasped of what you intended
to communicate with your piece. Some kind of feeling. I was not able to
develop a consistent feeling. I think the reasons are the following:

There are lots of meandering harmonies, yet they do not lead anywhere. It
reminds me of the situation when you're in a music shop and in every corner
someone is stepping through the presets of a synthesizer, each one with
different abilities and different stuff they play. I think so much more can
be said by just staying on one or two harmonies.

The same applies for rhythm: There are so many different rhythms you only
allude without developing them.

Some sounds you use are sort of "iconic", e.g. one of them reminds me of 
"Oh! Ah!" patch on the Korg M1. I think it is risky to use such sounds (as
it is risky to put e.g. a famous comix character in a drawing).

At 08:15 there's suddenly a sound of a different quality with a promising
start. Yet it is immediately discarded.
Around 08:53 there's some kind of sequenced pattern running. That, too,
would be a promising start to take the whole piece in that direction. Also,
it is discarded.

Others have said it before: you've worked "too hard". I believe at any one
moment in your piece you could take a snippet of 5 or 6 seconds and
concentrate on that; try to slowly evolve that into something different,
only by subtly tweaking this or that parameter.

(Blaise Pascal would actually say you have not worked "hard enough". He is
said to have written: "I have made this letter longer than usual, only
because I have not had the time to make it shorter.")

>From your piece I randomly looped the section between 4:57.634 and 
and by letting it run for a while it started developing its own mood and
atmosphere. This is one thing I love about looping: You really get a chance
to tweak the "workpiece" in your loop. It turns round and round and with
every turn you cut off a little here, add a bit there, and the funny thing
is that your aim is not to reach "the perfect loop", but to enjoy the mere
process of morphing seamlessly from here to there...

So you have in fact sent seeds for around 200 different pieces that wait to
be grown! Go for it!
But, what I propose might as well only be what I'd do to your music to make
it mine ;)


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> From: Tony K [mailto:bigtony@softhome.net]
> Sent: Montag, 14. Februar 2005 16:48
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> Subject: For your listening amusement
> Hello Loopy people,
> I've been doing loopy soundscapes for a few months and recording
> some of it.
> I'd like some feedback (heh) on my last one.
> It overloaded in a few places so there's a touch of unintentional
> distortion. :(  ah well.
> Brutal honesty is appreciated.
> http://www.thinginajar.com/bigtony/Singularity.mp3
> Thanks,
> Tony