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RE: For your listening amusement

Hi Tony,

Nice work ! I don't particularly think it's too "crowded", but I know how I
get when I feel good and creativity flows out of me! 

I can attest to what Mark and a few others have said, though. Sometimes I
think I use too many fill-ins, just because "Who wants an unused looper in
their rig?" !! LOL So some of my best loops tend to get 'busy-sounding'.

Sooooooo, what gear did you use to yield these aural soundscapes??


Ed in NJ

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Subject: For your listening amusement

Hello Loopy people,

I've been doing loopy soundscapes for a few months and recording some of 

I'd like some feedback (heh) on my last one.
It overloaded in a few places so there's a touch of unintentional 
distortion. :(  ah well.

Brutal honesty is appreciated.