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Yeah, come on, Ler.  What a load of crap.


Joey wrote:
> This is the biggest SHIT post I have read on this list in a while. Get
> over yourself.
> On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 11:45:47 -0800, Larry Cooperman
> <coop@newmillguitar.com> wrote:
>>Hi Tony,
>>I listened and I found the comp wanting nothing and found the title
>>quite proper for the sonic result.  Very, very good!
>>I have found that a lot of the people on this mailing list really don't
>>understand music.
>>They understand machines, popular "music," multimedia and other things
>>wrapped up in technology but music no.
>>So I would take what everyone says here with a grain or a load of salt.
>>A while back I gave a series of compositions to one of these people and
>>his brother for their amusement and because the primary function of the
>>stuff was music, I heard nothing from them.  They don't understand
>>music as an organic growing thing, they understand it as part of a
>>social order that they grew up with.  This I know because I heard them.
>>  As good as they are I heard nothing new what-so-ever.  So when
>>confronted with something that they haven't heard before they were
>>What I mean to say is that music has a life beyond classifiers like
>>popular and technology.  It is pure expression without the need for
>>We have a lot of highly intelligent people here who are schooled and
>>well read but treat their music like vestiges of their teenage years
>>and nothing beyond that.  When I say they don't understand music I mean
>>it.  They have no historical perspective at all and believe me that is
>>need in the music arts as it is in any other.  How the hell do you know
>>when you're being a "rebel" if you know nothing about what you're
>>"rebelling" against.
>>There are no rebels here.  I read these emails from time to time most
>>of the time I just delete them because of the banal content, people
>>thinking they're really. really cutting edge and they are just not.
>>I may get a kick out of something here someday but I attended Y2K4, did
>>a really horrible performance myself but I am sure that I made sounds
>>that I hadn't heard before based on the chaos of all of the crappy gear
>>that was meant to represent me.
>>Is a paint brush gear?  Is a vibrating string gear?  Gear, gear so what
>>if there is no electricity? Technology has made musicians out of
>>lawyers and bakers?  No.  At least not in my book.
>>As well, a person playing in a orchestra is not the same caliber
>>creator as some of the Loopers.  I always thought that being a musician
>>had something to do with creation and with some orchestra musicians,
>>you take the sheet music away and they order a pizza.  There was a time
>>in classical music when everyone improvised.
>>Take what I say as not another opinion but a judgment.  I have some
>>historical perspective.
>>Larry Cooperman
>>New Millennium Guitar