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Re: AW: OT ELP/JP (rip)

On Feb 9, 2005, at 3:18 PM, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:
> I like some of their eighties stuff, I like some of their nineties
> stuff. But I don't think it's King Crimson.

there are people who feel only the original In The Court Of... lineup 
is actually King Crimson.

Greg Lake is one of them.

personally, i'm inclined to follow Robert's talk of King Crimson being 
a living, breathing entity and not tied to a certain era or specific 
group of people. YMMV.

THRAK means as much to me as Red or Earthbound. it would have meant 
more to me if David Sylvian had taken Fripp up on his offer of joining 
KC though.
Eric Williamson