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Re: RE:OT the best cheap recording solution

I've been real happy with my Sharp MD 702 or 702. Records well with no
limiting. Has a mic/line input. Halfway decent battery time with an 
booster pack. Great editing features. and Cost me about $150 with the $50
buck rebate they gave on it when they were blowing them out 2-3 years ago.
It's also NOT a clamshell design which in my mind seems really fragile and
exposes the internal stuff to possible damage.

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> At 1:48 PM +0000 2/9/05, goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:
> >  >> I'm intriged by the new Hi-MD format, which allows 1GB disc
> >capacity as well as linear PCM recording. There's even an
> >entry-level model in your price range, the MZ-NH600D at $200.<<
> >
> >I have the nh700. it's a bunch of crap, to coin a phrase.
> Well, I guess I'm no longer intrigued!
> Many of the problems you cite seem to be endemic to minidiscs (at
> least the Sony models). They have been designed primarily as playback
> machines, so live recording features are lame and the ability to dump
> from MD to computer is restricted. All the more reason to look at the
> Edirol recorders, though they are pricier (bad news for Rick, who
> probably wants to stay with the MD format anyway).
> One thing that's interesting about the Edirol R-4 is that it can do
> four tracks simultaneously. Great for surround sound.  It's
> definitely a pro model though. Considering that I already have a
> PowerBook and a Mobile I/O I'm already covered, but the compactness
> factor is attractive.
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