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Re: Yet another new free VST looper

Along with the Fairlight and Synclavier, we should
probably tip our hats to Wolfgang Palm and his PPG
line as well.

PPG was founded in 1974, starting off with analog mono
synths, and progressing to the Wavecomputer 360 in
1978, the System 340/380 sometime around 1979/1980,
and the Wave 2 in 1981. PPG was offering hard disk
recording by 1985 (the HDU) and was working on a
prototype DSP-based system called The Realizer in 1986
that still wasn't ready for release when the company
folded in 1987.

The details are shrouded in the gauze of hearsay, but
as the story goes, a lot of PPG's technology that
ended up as the basis for waveform synthesis developed
out of a lightshow sequencer being built for Tangerine


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