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Re: Yet another new free VST looper

Title: Re: Yet another new free VST looper
At 3:55 PM -0800 2/6/05, Tim Nelson wrote:
Along with the Fairlight and Synclavier, we should
probably tip our hats to Wolfgang Palm and his PPG
line as well.

Also a few others, some hybrid and some fully digital:

GROOVE System (1970),
Buchla 500 series (1971),
IRCAM 4A machine (1976),
LSI-11 (Harold Alles at Bell Labs) (1977),
DMX-1000 Signal Processing Computer (1977),
Buchla 300 series (1977),
Systems Concepts Digital Synthesizer (1977),
Alpha Syntauri (1980),
Con Brio ADS 100 (1980),
IRCAM 4X machine (1980),
McLeyvier (1981),
Buchla 400 series (1982),
Crumar Synergy (1982)

There was obviously a big peak in development around 1977.

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