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Re: how to make keyboards look more cool

I might suggest you go to a sign/banner shop that specializes in 'vinyl 
cutting'.  They use a plotter with a blade head to essentially 'cut out' 
graphics on sheets of roll vinyl.

Usually, these type of shops have a good selection of vinyl, in a wide 
array of colors, and they would probably sell you a section of vinyl sheet 
in your choice of color.  They even make roll vinyl in 'temporary' tack 
adhesive, for graphics that are intended to be removed.

Then you can cut out small pieces, apply them to the keys, and use an 
x-acto blade or razor blade to clean up the edges.  If you want to get 
really trick, you can make an outline of the exact shape of the keys in a 
drawing program like Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, or Macromedia 
Freehand, export the file as an .EPS file, and take that file to the 
graphics shop.  They can import it into their software, 'plot' the shape, 
cut the vinyl, and then you are just removing the vinyl and applying it 
right to the keys, in the exact shape...just like putting on a bumper 

hope that helps,


> I have an idea for you,
>   4 years I bought a Roland digital harpsichord  
> http://www.8thstreet.com/prod.asp?pid=9056
> As you can see it's got black keys that are very cool and what appears 
> to be white "accidentals".  When I picked it up I discovered the white 
> keys were actually a horribly uncool light grey.  So, I went to the 
> hardware store and bought some white vinyl adhesive tape.  I very 
> carefully stretched the vinyl tape over the top surface of each ugly 
> grey key and trimmed any excess off the sides with an Xacto knife.  They 
> still look great, haven't slipped, and since the tape is vinyl are easy 
> to clean.  Maybe you can get some black vinyl tape and cover the surface 
> of the white keys so every key is...none more black...voila, death metal 
> killboard!