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Re: FCB1010 pedal calibration

At 02:36 01/02/05, you wrote:

>I hope it is acceptable that I replied to this email, but I do have a 

copied this to LD, hope that's also acceptable

>When I try to calibrate as instructed below, I cannot get either
>expression pedal's lowest value lower than 8. How do you adjust the
>values if they are not being correctly adjusted by the expression
>pedals themselves?

This is because the pedal isn't 100% rigid.
It slips back slightly after you let go the pressure.

Probably if you keep standing on it you can get 0.

When calibrating, watch the numbers in the display, and make sure the pedal
is a couple of digits away from the end of it's motion at each calibration.

OR, alternatively, put spacers under the pedals before calibrating, and
remove them after.

hope that helps


>Thank you,
>Clint Allen