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Re: 60 cycle hum in racks - stopping the insanity / share your magic

At 09:55 AM 1/31/2005, Michael Firman wrote:
>  Lifting the ground on ALL the devices that are plugged in
>usually fixes the problem. I've noticed that some devices seem
>to be worse than others when connected, but ground lifting has
>always solved the problem for me.

This is also a really bad way to kill yourself.

(The good ways involve shotguns and bridges, just fyi.)

The problem with this method is you never really know when you are going 
die, and it may come at an inconvenient time. For example, it's your 
release party, all your friends and family are there, your kids are 
up at you, everybody is thrilled with anticipation and oh so happy for 
success, you go to play the first note, and ZAP! yer a black, smokey, 
spinal-tap-drummer spot on the stage. No Kurt Cobain cred for you.

Good luck with it, and please let me know when your next gig is,

Kim Flint                     | Looper's Delight
kflint@loopers-delight.com    | http://www.loopers-delight.com