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RE: Mellotron -

> From: Per Boysen [mailto:per@boysen.se]
> The other week I was just reading about Reiley's
> early experimenting and I noted the reference to "an anonymous
> engineer" who inspired Terry for the "Time Lag Accumulator". So that
> guy may have been Shaefer!

of course not Pierre Schaefer! :-)

it really _was_ an anonymous engineer who came up with the delay system for
2 tape recorders. This is what Pauline Oliveros told me when I asked her a
couple of years ago, and this is what Terry Riley wrote to me when I asked

Here's what Terry wrote:

Hi Michael,

Just a brief answer.  My history with the time-lag-accumulator goes back to
1963 when I made the Loops for Music for the Gift in Paris in the summer of
1963.  That was my first use of this process and it was done in the studios
of the ORTF in the Sarah Bernhardt theatre in Paris by an Engineer who's
name I dont recall.  This was the long looping and feedback delay between
two tape recorders.  I had never heard it done before then by anyone
including Pauline and Ramon although they may have done it.  The first well
known recording of this process that I know of is Poppy Nogood and the
Phantom Band on my Rainbow in Curved Air recording of 1968.  by that time I
had been using the process in concert for 2 years and had documented it in
my 1966 recording of Reed Streams on Mass Art in New York.

Check out American Composers by Edward Strickland ....... Minimalists by K.
Robert Swartz.......Soundpieces 2 by Cole Gagne and   Talking Music by
William Duckworth  for what I have to say about these early days.

Terry Riley